Safe Opening Service

If you cannot open your safe due to forgetting the combination, losing the key, or simply through malfunction, we are able to open it. Intelligent Security and Fire offer an 24 hour emergency response service that will have an engineer at your premises within one hour of your contacting us. All of our engineers have a minimum of 5 years experience and carry a stock of the most common locks and replacement parts.

Safe opening, commonly referred to as ‘safe-cracking’ or ‘safe-breaking’, is a skill that can take years to learn and uses a variety of methods. Commonly, a safe engineer will carefully move the locking mechanism of the combination lock using sophisticated listening equipment. Occasionally, opening a safe may mean that our engineer has to drill into the safe. In other cases we may use other techniques, as with digital or biometric locks.

In the case of digital locks

Our locksmiths can open safe locks with a minimum of damage to the safe when you call us on 01895 200 200 and let us know:

  1. The make and model of the safe
  2. The shape of the handle
  3. The cash rating
  4. Dimensions of the safe
  5. A description of the safe hinges 
  6. The problem you need our locksmiths to examine

Our Range of Services

If you think your property could be more secure, Intelligent Security and Fire provide a complete range of security and fire alarm services including: intruder and burglar alarms, CCTV systems, door entry or intercom systems, access control systems, alarm monitoring, automated gates, security roller shutters, security lighting, emergency lighting, site security, locks and safes and home automation. Call now on: 01895 200 200
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Intelligent Security and Fire are accredited by the Security Systems & Alarm Inspection Board, and is recognised as a competent & professional company which meets requirements of European Standards for Electronic Security Systems.