Intelligent Security and Fire supply and install personal and commercial-grade safes for the reliable protection of cash, data, and other valuables. We can recommend a safe from a leading manufacturer that suits your needs whether it is a voluntary purchase to aid with your security, or a requirement of your insurance company.

We supply safes that have applications in Government, Legal Work, Business, Hotels, Hospitals, Residences, and more. We supply safes with Combination Locks, Key Locks, Biometric Fingerprint Readers, and Electronic Combination Locks.
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Buying a Safe

Cash Ratings

Safes are typically graded under a ‘Cash Rating’, though there are other kinds of rating. The insurance industry holds to a widely recognised set of standards that ensure safes are tested in a non-biased manner and given a Cash Rating. This rating refers to the value of cash in a safe that most insurance companies will insure:

EN1143-1 Ratings:

Grade 0
Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8
Grade 9
Grade 10
Grade 11
Grade 12
Grade 13
For commercial sites, insurers will tend to multiply cash cover up to 5 times for contents other than cash. For example, a Grade 1 safe on the above table would be covered for £50,000 in jewellery or data.

For residential premises this cash cover is multiplied by 10, giving the same Grade 1 safe cover of up to £100,000 in jewellery or data.

When buying a safe it is important to consult with your insurer to confirm directly the level of cash cover, or cover for other contents.

Fire Ratings

Safes can also be rated according to how fireproof they are according to American and European independent standards. Safes are tested for both paper document protection and data protection, as computer media melts and is lost at a lower temperature than that at which paper burns- it also can’t survive the same humidity level as paper. This means that computer data should not be left in a safe tested only for paper document protection.

Ratings for Paper Documents:

  • UL 72 Class 350 1 hour: 1 Hour fire protection for paper at temperatures of up to 1090ºC.
  • NT FIRE 017 60P: 60 minutes fire protection for paper at temperatures of up to 1000ºC.

Ratings for Computer Media:

  • EN1047 60D: 60 minutes fire protection for data/computer media at temperatures of up to 1000ºC.
  • EN1047 60D: 90 minutes fire protection for data/computer media at temperatures of up to 1000ºC.
  • EN1047 60D: 120 minutes fire protection for data/computer media at temperatures of up to 1000ºC.

Safes We Offer

There are a number of different kinds of safe Intelligent Security & Fire can offer - for a range of uses and budgets. Our safes can be used for applications ranging from the domestic to high-security commercial use.
  • Freestanding Safes
    freestanding safe, security
    These are the most common kind of safe we offer, and they are available from low security through to cash ratings of £250,000. These safes come in a large variety of sizes and shapes, and can often have both high fire and cash ratings. Freestanding safes are also a lot easier to move than most alternatives.
  • Document and Data Fire Safes
    document and data safe, security, safes
    The fire safes we offer are safes that are designed specifically to protect documents and data in the event of a fire. You can find out more about fire ratings in the section above this one. Some fire safes are also designed to protect documents and/or data against water damage in the event of flooding. These safes are frequently entirely waterproof, even when submerged in water.
  • Gun Safes
    gun safe, security
    If you have, or are applying for, a firearms license, you will be expected by your local police service to have a safe that is considered capable of securely storing your firearm. We offer gun cabinets with cash ratings of up to £10,000. These will frequently be fixed to the wall or floor where they are installed.
  • Biometric Safes
    biometric safe
    Biometric safes represent another level in security, ensuring that only you (or people you program into the system) can access the contents of your safe. Biometric technology can be applied to many of the safes we offer, meaning that it is a versatile option, made even more versatile by the availability of biometric locks that can be retrofitted to most major brands of safe. These locks can be programmed in order to ensure two people need to be present in order to open the safe, or programmed with a duress code which means you can trigger a silent monitored alarm if you need to.
  • Underfloor and Wall Safes
    underfllor, wall, safe
    Our underfloor safes are available with cash ratings of up to around £12,000. They are concealed under your floor, meaning that they are both easily hidden and that their security is augmented by the concrete into which they are set. We can also provide safes that are set into your wall to a similar cash rating. These safes are also easy to conceal, and are made hard to remove by being set into concrete with large external fins that prevent them from being removed.
  • Strongrooms
    strongroom, safe
    A strongroom can be used in domestic or commercial settings, and are used in circumstances where a conventional safe is simply not big or secure enough. They are available in a number of security grades, and are fully customisable- a strongroom can be used as a vault, panic room, or shipping container. Strongrooms can also be rated for fire in the same way as more conventional safes. Panic rooms can also be equipped with technology such as biometric access, CCTV, and equipment for personal safety.
  • Key Safes
    key, safe
    Our range of key safes can encompass needs anywhere from the domestic to large-scale commercial sites such as universities, schools, and hospitals. They can be used for the storage of anywhere in between 1 and 120 keys, and could be used for security ranging from looking after a family’s car keys to looking after an entire car showroom.

Additional Options

In addition to supplying and installing a wide variety of safes, we can customise any safe we install in order to meet your needs. Options we offer include:

  • Customised Locks - your safe can be opened with an alternate type of lock, or equipped with combinations of locks for added security. You could equip your safe, for example, with a combination lock in addition to a key lock, or with two separate key locks. We can also customise the finish of your lock, and provide special security measures such as visual guards for your combination dial or digital keypad.
  • External Modifications - we can offer modifications to your safe to make it both more aesthetically pleasing and convenient. For example, you can specify the colour of your safe, or choose to reverse its hinges. We can also clad your safe in a number of materials.
  • Deposit Modifications - we can equip your safe with a number of options designed to ensure it can be used in any situation. These include deposit holes, rotary deposit traps, draws for depositing (as seen in night safes), and letter box slots.
  • Other Internal Modifications - We can fit your safe with a number of functions designed for ease-of-use and versatility. These include internal draws or safes, internal lighting, key racks, extra shelving, or anything else you may specify.
If you are considering installing a Safe on your premises, Intelligent Security and Fire offer a free, no-obligation site survey so that you can find the security solution best fitted to your needs. One of our surveyors will visit the premises and use their expertise and your input to deliver a no-nonsense quote that will encompass labour, parts, and installation.

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