Door Entry Systems and Door Intercom Systems

Intelligent Security and Fire design specialise in Door Entry system installation (Door Intercom installation) and Door Entry system maintenance for both domestic and commercial customers. We also carry out Door Entry System repairs (Intercom repairs) and Door Entry system upgrades to existing systems.

Door Entry System Installation / Door Intercom Installation

Intelligent Security and Fire provide Door Entry System installation and Intercom installation for a wide variety of Door Entry Systems or Door Intercom systems specifically designed for our customers individual requirements. These systems vary from a single button audio calling station outside the premises, to large audio/video multi-calling stations to audio video multi-handset systems, typically in blocks of apartments.

Door Entry systems provide a safe and convenient way of authorising access to your property. Visitors can be interrogated with the latest range of audio and video door entry systems linked to handsets monitors or “trend setting” internal recessed modules within the property. These units are so compact they hardly take up any space and a selection of specialised finishes can match in harmony with your décor.

Video Door Entry System Installation

Being able to see who is at the door can be more important than just speaking to them. This is because with this system you are able to see the person before you allow them access to the property.

Video entry systems are available in monochrome or colour and can be interfaced with internal TV networks and/or CCTV Systems. Some dynamic systems allow the facility of communication via an interface with the internal telephone system for maximum convenience and can also be integrated with access control systems.

In addition to this we can integrate entry panels to telephone systems so that a telephone or telephone extension on a switchboard can answer an entry panel call, or indeed the entry panel can make a call to anywhere in the world, and from that location the door or gate can be unlocked remotely!

Door Entry Telephone Systems

Intelligent Security and Fire also provide Door Entry Telephone systems from companies including Telguard, TVTel, NACD and Panasonic and which can be connected direct to the public telephone network. The systems provides a simple and secure solution for answering and opening remote doors via a conventional telephone handset operating over BT or Cable networks. This type of system is suitable for both commercial and residential applications, especially multi-tenanted buildings, where the installation wiring of a conventional system would disrupt existing decor and be expensive.

Door Entry Integration

Door Entry systems and Intercom systems are closely related to access control systems and are often integrated so that those using the building regularly and visitors alike can gain access to a protected area.

GSM Door Entry

Intelligent Security and Fire’s team of accredited engineers design, install, maintain, and repair GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) Intercom systems for both domestic and commercial customers. GSM door entry systems are easy to fit and require no handsets or cables.

GSM Intercoms function as a normal intercom, allowing you to talk to and permit access for visitors. GSM Door Entry systems use a GSM controller and a choice of speech panel. The GSM controller contains a SIM card. If your visitor uses the call button, the controller will ring any numbers you have programmed into the system (usually the landline)- if you are not at home, you can have the system call your mobile so you can talk to your visitor wherever you are, and press the asterisk (*) key on your phone.

You can also program the numbers of your family and friends into the system so that they can call the system to gain access while you are out, as well as specifying time bands during which the intercom system cannot be called for added security. If you want to block a user, it is as easy as sending a text message to the GSM controller. More in depth tasks can be easily achieved by connecting the system to a PC.

GSM Intercoms are the ideal solution for anybody who needs to control access to their premises, whether residential or commercial, in a convenient and flexible way. All you will need apart from the kit is a SIM Card from a network provider that has a strong local mobile network signal. If this isn’t possible, then the system can be equipped with an antenna to boost the signal.

If you are interested in installing a GSM Gate Opener on your premises, whether residential or commercial, call Intelligent Security and Fire on 01895 200 200, or use our online contact form and we will reply to your enquiry quickly and professionally.

Leading Manufacturers

We only install equipment from leading manufacturers including BPT Door Entry Systems, Comelit Door Entry Systems, Fermax Door Entry Systems and Videx Door Entry Systems. All of our Door Entry System engineers have at least 5 years experience of Door Intercom installation and Door Entry system installation.


Intelligent Security and Fire offer a 12-month Maintenance Contract that gives you access to our 24/7 call out facility. Should you need any advice or attention to the systems, we are just a phone call away. We aim to respond to every call within 4 hours, and will ensure that your systems are running smoothly.
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Intelligent Security and Fire are accredited by the Security Systems & Alarm Inspection Board, and is recognised as a competent & professional company which meets requirements of European Standards for Electronic Security Systems.