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Intelligent Security and Fire install individually designed Home Automation systems providing you with more convenience, security and flexibility than you've ever experienced in your own home before. We work with our customers in order to design, procure and install cutting edge integrated home automation solutions.

Whether you are a private individual seeking to enhance your home and simplify the most demanding of lifestyles or a property developer or architect looking to take advantage of the residential technology marketplace, we hope to become partners in your digital future.

Bringing you the best in home automation

We work with our partners HDL to provide Home Automation systems that can revolutionise the way you enjoy your home, providing you with more convenience, security and flexibility than you've ever experienced in your own home. Audio and video distribution systems can enable you to enjoy rooms in ways you never could before.
home, automation, control, security
home, automation, control, security
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    When designing your automated system, you can opt for any of the features listed below in almost any combination. Our engineers are happy to carry out a free site survey so that they can help you to decide. We offer a full security service which integrates seamlessly with any existing home networking and automation solution.

    Lighting Control

    With this feature you can monitor and switch any of the lights in your home or on your driveway/porch, meaning that you can both check and change the status of any light.

    Our Home Automation systems can revolutionise the way you enjoy your home, providing you with more convenience, security and flexibility than you've ever experienced in your own home. Audio and video distribution systems can enable you to enjoy rooms in ways you haven't previously been able.

    Heating Control

    The panels we supply can be equipped with inbuilt temperature sensors and smart-thermostats, meaning you can control the temperature in each room individually.

    Customisable “Mood Lighting”

    Our range of dimmers ensure that you can have all the “mood” and “scene” lighting you expect from any modern smart-lighting system, and control a range of bulbs including fluorescent and LEDs.

    Room-Occupancy Logic

    You can use sensors that can detect whether somebody is in a room and use this to create energy savings by dimming or turning off lights automatically. You can also integrate this with your intruder alarm system.

    Anti-Intruder Mode

    If you integrate your intruder alarm with your home automation system, you have access to a number of responses to a detected intruder. You could, for example:

    • Automatically turn on all lights
    • Have your lights flash as a deterrent
    • Play sounds over your home’s speakers (for example, a barking dog)
    • Sound the traditional alarm

    Controllable by Smart Device

    For added convenience, you can control your automated system from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. This means you can not only easily control your house when you’re at home, but when you are out.

    Holiday Mode

    You can create a holiday mode that can be easily activated for when you leave for more than a day. This will:

    • Create energy savings by turning down your heating
    • Set some lights to come on and off randomly throughout the night or according to your regular routine, to make it look like your house is occupied and improve your security. You can do the same thing with your curtains and blinds.
    • Integrate with your alarm systems so that you can ensure your home is fully secure.

    Send and Receive Text Messages to Your House

    You can have SMS text messages sent to your home which will alert you of any changes. For example:

    • Doors or lights being used unexpectedly
    • Changes in heating
    As well as this, you can send text messages to your house to activate your home automation features while you are out.

    MultiRoom AV Entertainment System

    Stream MP3s, play FM radio or plug in your iPod.

    Our multi-media home entertainment systems can bring your home alive. You can enjoy your music from any room in the house - and you won’t be inconvenienced if another member of the household decides to listen to the same source.

    Automated Gate openers

    Automated Gate openers with whisper quiet operation can be linked to your telecommunications system so that when a visitor presses the intercom button at your gates, the phone rings, your television screen shows the view from the camera at the gate, and you can press a button to allow entry to your property.

    Integrated CCTV Systems

    CCTV cameras located around your property can be connected to a hard drive recorder capable of recording months of footage from any number of cameras to provide you with peace of mind.

    Integrated Fire Alarm Systems

    Fire alarm systems can be integrated with your home automation system. This has a number of benefits. Instead of simply sounding in the case of a fire, you can now:

    • Automatically trigger lighting designed to help with evacuation
    • Make use of text alerts and monitored systems in order to ensure a rapid response
Intelligent Security and Fire offer a free, no-obligation site survey so that you can find the security solution best fitted to your needs. Just call 01895 200 200 or use the online enquiries form and one of our surveyors will visit the premises and use their expertise and your input to deliver a no-nonsense quote that will encompass labour, parts, and installation.
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