Access Control Systems

Intelligent Security and Fire design specialise in Access Control system installation and Access Control system maintenance for both domestic and commercial customers. We also carry out Access Control System repairs and Access Control system upgrades to existing systems.

Access Control Systems range from a simple mechanical combination lock to a multi-door on line computer controlled system. Many businesses need to restrict the flow of employees or visitors to certain areas of their premises which may be sensitive or vulnerable. Security is vital 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Therefore access control can be of significant importance on who has access to your premises.

Access control has a wide variety of applications to operate gates, barriers and doors. From stand alone telephone and video entry systems to on line computer controlled installations, integrating magnetic card and proximity readers.

Intelligent Security and Fire has the solution for your requirement, on premises from flats and offices to colleges, hospitals and hotels. We connect access control systems to Building Management Systems (BMS) which can enable efficient, intelligent buildings which will turn off/on lighting, power, CCTV and Alarm Systems via an action from using an access control card.
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Types of Access Control

  • Standalone Systems
    Paxton Compact System
    Compact systems are access control systems where all controls are located in the keypad or reader, on the outside of the door. These systems are both simple and inexpensive, but are not ideal for high-security applications due to the location of the controls and wiring. These systems can be keypad based, key card based, or utilise more sophisticated biometric fingerprint scanners.

    Paxton Switch2 System
    Intelligent Security and Fire also offer the Paxton Switch2 System, which is a standalone access control system with the controls on the ‘safe’ side of the door. These systems can be used for external doors and in areas with higher security requirements.
    Intelligent Security and Fire provide all types of door entry security systems
  • Networked Systems
    Paxton Net2
    Networked Access Control Systems are ideal in situations involving large sites, multiple buildings, or areas with a large amount of traffic. They allow you to quickly control access for every door on the site in a sophisticated and easy to understand way. With Net2 you can control access on hundreds of doors for up to 10,000 users.

    Access permissions can be set according to the individual, department, or time of day. This means that only people who have a real need to be in certain areas will be able to access them. You can also monitor who has gone where in a building and at what time, whether doors have been left open, and whether doors have been tampered with.

    Extra Net2 Features:
    • Intruder Alarm Integration- Nominate those who have permission to unset and set the intruder alarm.
    • SMS/ Email Messaging- Net2 can send SMS or emails when a specified trigger happens.
    • View IP Camera Images- See who is at the door, before you let them in
    • Control Lighting and Heating- Turn lights on when you arrive in the morning; turn them off when the alarm is set at night.
    • Hands Free- enables any Net2 door equipped with P series PROXIMITY readers to achieve hands free ranges of up to 2.5m.
    Intelligent Security and Fire provide all types of door entry security systems
  • Entry Methods
    There are a number of possible mechanisms for verifying user access:

    Keypads are a simple solution for controlling access whereby a user must manually input a code in order to gain access. These systems cannot be picked, mean that you are never need to be locked out, and are hassle free. They are inexpensive and easy to maintain, but are not as versatile and easy to personalise as other methods.
    Intelligent Security and Fire provide all types of door entry security systems
    Proximity/Magstripe Readers
    Proximity Readers utilise physical user tokens, or key cards, which are linked to a corresponding shadow token. Each token is programmed with a code. You can program the reader to permit access to certain individuals at certain times, as well as specifying how long a user’s access privileges last (for example, a worker with a contract of three months may have a code set to expire after 90 days). In the case of Proximity Readers, the user need only tap his card against the reader. Magstripe Readers use a ‘swipe-through’ method of reading the card.

    Intelligent Security and Fire also offer ‘active’ proximity cards, which function at a greater range and are ideally suited in environments which require rapid vehicle access.
    Intelligent Security and Fire provide all types of door entry security systems
    Biometric Fingerprint Scanners
    Biometric Fingerprint Scanners utilise a user’s programmed fingerprint to provide a high-security solution in environments when access control is key. Programming a user’s fingerprint means that you need not worry about a keypad combination being learned by possible intruders, and there is no proximity card that could be stolen. Both Biometric Fingerprint Scanners and Proximity Readers can be used to provide payroll data, detailing when employees have gone on and off the site.
    fingerprint, intelligent security


If you are considering installing a security system on your premises, Intelligent Security and Fire offer a free, no-obligation site survey so that you can find the security solution best fitted to your needs. One of our surveyors will visit the premises and use their expertise and your input to deliver a no-nonsense quote that will encompass labour, parts, and installation.

Leading Manufacturers

We only install equipment from leading manufacturers including Paxton, PAC, BPT, HID, Honeywell, TDSi.

Experienced Engineers

All of our Access Control system engineers have at least 5 years experience of Access control installation, Access Control maintenance and Access Control repair.
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