Automated Sliding Gates

Sliding gate systems are mainly installed on commercial sites in order to manage site access. They are typically used in openings wider than 25 metres, but can be installed in smaller spaces and are often useful in cases where a swing gate system would otherwise be obstructed (for example by a steep incline).

There are two main kinds of sliding gates: tracked and cantilever.

Tracked Sliding Gates

Tracked sliding gates slide along a groove that is set into the road. The gate has a beam at the bottom of the gate with a set of wheels set into it. This allows the gate to move smoothly. Any incline in the road could be problematic for a tracked sliding gate as the motor could be overworked.

Cantilever Sliding Gates

Cantilever sliding gates are constructed from an aluminium or steel beam and glide above a concrete base at a height of about 50-80 millimetres. These are required in cases where an incline in the road prevents a tracked sliding gate from being viable.

A Typical Automatic Sliding Gate Installation

A typical Intelligent Security and Fire sliding gate system is constructed from:

  • One sliding gate with wheels
  • A single gate operator
  • Tracking (this is the groove over which the gate runs)
  • A control panel with which to control access to the premises
  • A pair of remote controls, in order to operate the system from your vehicle
  • An intercom or numeric keypad, which can be used either for access control or entry without a remote control
  • A pair of photoelectric cells. These are sensors that detect the presence of people or vehicles in the way of the gate in order to prevent accidents or damage to vehicles.

Once you have chosen your preferred type of gate, you need to select the type of mechanism used to operate it.

In the case of Swing Gates, the way in which the gate is hung will affect which electric gate opener can be used. Intelligent Security and Fire offer three main types of Swing Gate motor.

Sliding Gate Motors

Automatic Sliding Gate Motors are slightly more complicated to install than swing gate openers, as they require more preparation before installation. A flat gear or rack attaches to gate and a gear on the motor winds the gate open and closed. Which motor is used affects the racking that is used. Nylon is mainly used on residential-style gates. Mod4 steel racking is used for gates weighing up to 2600Kg, and Mod6 steel racking on gates up to 6000Kg.

Maintenance, Repairs & Takeovers

Intelligent Security and Fire have 25 years’ experience designing, installing, repairing and maintaining automated sliding gates in compliance with current safety legislation and HSE regulations and can repair, maintain and takeover your existing automatic gates regardless of the make and model.

To discuss how we can help take care of your existing automates gates system and ensure their compliance please contact our customer service department today to see how we can help you.