Intruder Alarm Maintenance, Burglar Alarm Maintenance

Intelligent Security and Fire provide Intruder Alarm Maintenance Contracts (Burglar Alarm Maintenance Contracts) for Intruder Alarms and Burglar Alarms to ensure that your intruder and burglar alarm systems are reliable and you meet your insurance company requirements. An intruder alarm maintenance contract (burglar alarm maintenance contract) will provide you with access to our engineers, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We provide intruder alarm maintenance contracts for all our installed systems and systems that we have taken over.
Intelligent Security and Fire maintain all types of intruder burglar alarms.
Just as our Intruder Alarm systems are designed and installed to the highest industry standards, so too is our commitment to customer support and maintenance.

We have a fully qualified team of mobile engineers in contact throughout the London and the surrounding counties for our clients in line with the standards laid down by British and European Standards, Police Authorities, Educational Institutions, Local Fire & Civil Defence Authorities and District Surveyors.

European Standard response times are 4 hours for intruder systems, Intelligent Security and Fire have cut these times in half.
  • Your engineers were patient and respectful of their surroundings. They did a great job and left our house tidier than when they started.
    Mr and Mrs Patel, Hounslow

Preventative Maintenance

In order to comply with European and British standards and to ensure that an Intruder Alarm system remains reliable, it is vital that it is maintained regularly. Listed below are a selection of the checks that are carried out by our engineers during a routine Alarm Maintenance:

  • Check history of alarm system since last maintenance service.
  • Visual inspection of all major alarm components including cabling & connections where accessible for signs of deterioration or damage.
  • Check mains power supply including charging rates.
  • Check battery power supply including charging rates.
  • Check and Walk Test all detectors.
  • Check satisfactory operation of manually operated devices e.g. panic buttons.
  • Check and test all audible warning devices - sirens, speakers.
  • Check and test remote signalling equipment (where appropriate).
  • Make adjustments as necessary.
  • Repair any minor faults (where possible).
  • Retrain the users on the use of the alarm system (if required).
  • Log all test results.
  • Return the alarm system to operational status.
Intelligent Security and Fire are happy to undertake An Intruder Alarm maintenance contract for all intruder alarm systems regardless of who supplied or installed them. Check below to see if your control panel is listed:
  • Intruder Alarm Control Panels
    • A1 Security Omnicron 3000 Omnicron 6000 Omnicron 7000 Omnicron 8000 Omnicron RF 8000 Omnicron RF 8200 Omnicron 9000 Omnicron Advantage ZX6 AJ 200 AJ 600 AJ600N
    • A&G A&G BS80 A&G Diplomat A&G Envoy  
    • ADE Accenta 6 Accenta Accenta 8 mini ADE Accenta Compact SL ADE Accenta G3 ADE Accenta G3 mini 8 Optima XL6 ADE Optima G3 ADE Accenta ADE Mini ADE Compact ADE Concept ADE Concept 6 ADE Concept 8 Zone ADE Gemini ADE Karizma ADE Karizma Plus ADE Logic 4 ADE Logic 6 ADE Optima ADE Optima Compact ADE Optima XL6 ADE Optima 3G ADE Optima 3G Compact ADE Optima Compact SL ADE Optima Concept ADE Optima Concept 6 ADE Optima Plus ADE Optima 2 Plus ADE Optima XL ADE Optima XL 4 ADE Optima XM ADE Optima XM4 ADE Optima XM6 ADE SL Compact ADE XM 6 ADE XM 4 ADE Ultimate
    • Ademco Microtech Ademco Accord Ademco Accord 4110 Accord XPC Ademco Galaxy Ademco Galaxy 16 Plus Ademco Galant Ademco Accord XPC Ademco Vista 20 Ademco Vista 30 Ademco Vista 40 Ademco Vista 50
    • ADT Galaxy ADT A910 ADT 4250 ADT Admeco ADT Series 3200 ADT Series 3200 Plus ADT Accord XP
    • Advanced Digital Controls Advanced Digital Controls Ultra 8
    • AEG AEG Aegis 1000 
    • AEI AEI HA-841D AEI HA-871K AEI SG4000 (wire free)
    • AES AES 7000 AES 7000/2 AES 7030 AES 7100
    • Alarm Lock Alarm Lock Eagle 4700 Alarm Lock Eagle 6000 Alarm Lock Eagle 8000 Alarm Lock Eagle 800DL
    • Altron Altron Harrier Altron Condor 4
    • Aritech & Itec Alarm Panels Aritech Meridian Aritech ATS Aritech Attender 100 Aritech Attender 150 Aritech Discovery Aritech Horizon Aritech Horizon CP 35 Aritech CP32 Aritech CP33 Aritech CP24 Aritech CP42 Aritech CD 350 Aritech CD 3404 Aritech CP72 Aritech CP95 Aritech CS200 Aritech CS250 Aritech CS350 AritechCS450 Aritech TD8403 Aritech TD8803
    • AT & T AT & T 8000 AT & T 8300
    • ATI ATI 6000
    • Avanti Avanti XP Avanti LC Avanti XL8 Avanti 8
    • Bentley Bentley F133 Bentley Symphony
    • British Gas DSC British Gas Gardtec
    • Castle Caretech Castle Care-Tech Castle Caretech 850 Castle Caretech 901 Castle Caretech 1600 Castle Caretech 1700 ID Castle Caretech 2000 Castle Caretech 2200 Castle Caretech 2200L Castle Caretech Omega 5 Castle Caretech Euro 1 PlusCastle Caretech Euro Meridian Mini Castle Caretech Euro-Meridian  Castle Caretech Meridian CP8L
    • Chubb Chubb CA66 Chubb Sentinel CA67
    • C&K C&K Active 5 C&K Active 8 C&K Eclipse 2.1C&K 238 C&K 238i C&K 2316 C&K 2316i C&K 236i2 C&K 700L C&K 703 C&K 800L C&K 802 C&K 900C C&K ST900C
    • Challenger Challenger TS 790 Challenger TS 9000 Challenger 5
    • Citadel Citadel VR8 Citadel XR1 Citadel XR2 Citadel XR2+
    • CQR CQR Freewave FW/JA63 (wire free) CQR Premia 9
    • Crow Crow Power Wave CR16M-LCD Crow Power Wave 8 Crow Power Wave 16
    • Daitem Daitem DP1320 Daitem DP14000 (wire free) Daitem DP14360 Daitem DP14614
    • Digital Audio (DA) DA Abacus DA Puisar DA Rebel 8 DA Rebel 9
    • DSC DSC Power 608 DSC 832 DSC 864 DSC Maxsys DSC Envoy
    • ESP ESP Infinite ESP Infinite Prime Europlex Alarm Panels Europlex Directplex Europlex Aplex Europlex Signet 200 Europlex Signet 300
    • Eurosec Eurosec CP7 Eurosec CP8 Eurosec CP8L
    • FM Electronics FM Electronics FM4000 FM Electronics FM4000E FM Electronics FM4001
    • Gardiner Technology Gardtec Alarm Panel Gardtec 350 Gardtec 350+ Gardtec 370 Gardtec 500 Gardtec 580 Gardtec 590 Gardtec 593 Gardtec 595 Gardtec 800 Gardtec 816 Gardtec Eurosec CP7 Gardtec Eurosec CP8 Gardtec Diamond 400 Gardtec Diamond 500
    • GE Security Guardall Rascal Rascal Super Rascal Plus Rascal + Balmoral Guardall PX Guardall PX18 Guardall PX24 Guardall QX Guardall RX Windsor (Chubb) Windsor 500
    • Homeguard Homeguard MS8000
    • Honeywell Hoyles Hoyles Exitguard 
    • Intellisence Intellisence Securit 700L Intellisence Securit 703 Intellisence Securit 802 Intellisence Securit 900C Intellisence ST900C Itec Itec CP35
    • Melcom Melcom Horizon CP35 Melcom ST3000 Melcom ST5500 Melcom ST9009/16
    • Menvier Menvier TS400 Menvier TS410 Menvier TSD402 Menvier TS450 Menvier TS500 Menvier TS510 Menvier TS590 Menvier TS690 Menvier TS690R Menvier TS690ID Menvier TS700 Menvier TS790 Menvier TS900 Menvier TS2500 Menvier Homelink 75 (wire free) Menvier 500R+
    • Micromark Micromark Easyfit 23075 Micromark Easyfit 23050 Micromark Easyfit 23052 Micromark Easyfit 23084 Micromark Easyfit 23244 Micromark Easyfit 23174(wirefree) Micromark Easyfit 23207 (wire free) Micromark Easyfit 23216 Micromark Easyfit 23219 Micromark MM9437 Micromark MM9456 Micromark MM9475 Micromark MM9476 Micromark MM9490A Micromark MM9495 Micromark MM9495A Micromark MM23007A (wire free) Micromark MM23022 (wire free) Micromark MM23025 Satellite (wire free) Micromark MM23040 Satellite Micromark MM23045 Satellite Micromark MM23062 Micromark MM23094 (wire free) Micromark MM23137 (shed) Micromark MM23292 (Woolworths, wire free) Micromark MM40000 (shed) Micromark MM40002 (wire free) Micromark MM40003 Micromark MM40060 Micromark MM40061
    • Pyronix Pyronix Atlas 4 Pyronix Atlas 8 Pyronix Atlas 8+ Pyronix Sterling 10 Pyronix Conqueror Pyronix Octagon Pyronix Paragon Plus Pyronix Paragon Super II Pyronix Paragon E Pyronix Super Pyronix Vocaliser
    • Response Response PA 6 Response PA 8 Response RE3000 Response RE3000 S100 RKP Response RE5000 Response RE5000S Response RE5000AD Response SA1 Response SA2 Response SAC1 Response SA3 Response SA5 Response SA-P1 Response Solar S100 Response Solar S400
    • Risco Prosys Wisdom 73130 Eurosec & Guardtec Alarms 350 350+ 370 500 593 800 816 840 CP7 CP8 CP8L CPX  
    • Scantronic Scantronic Homelink 75 Scantronic 500R Scantronic 500R+ Scantronic 601 Scantronic 602 Scantronic 808 Scantronic 816 Scantronic 840 Scantronic 4600 Scantronic 8136UK-50/75Scantronic 8136 Scantronic 8400 Scantronic 8440 Scantronic 9056 Scantronic 9100 Scantronic 9105 Scantronic 9200 Scantronic 9205 Scantronic 9210 Scantronic 9215 Scantronic 9300 Scantronic 9448 Scantronic 9448+ Scantronic 9448 ES Scantronic 9449 Scantronic 9450 Scantronic 9452 Scantronic 9453 Scantronic 9454 Scantronic 9455 Scantronic 9500 Scantronic 9600 Scantronic 9610 Scantronic 9651 Scantronic 9750 Scantronic 9751 Scantronic 9752 Scantronic 9753 Scantronic 9800 Scantronic 9800+ Scantronic 9800+16 Zone Scantronic 9850 Scantronic 9851 Scantronic 9852 Scantronic 9853 (wire free) Scantronic 9855 (wire free) Scantronic Equaliser 
    • Siemens Siemens Sintony 60 Siemens Sintony 120 
    • Texecom Texecom Veritas Texecom Veritas 8 Texecom Veritas 8 Compact Veritas 8C Texecom Veritas R8 Texecom Veritas R+ Texecom Excel Texecom Premier 8 Texecom Premier 24 Texecom Premier 48 Texecom Premier 88 Texecom Premier 168 Texecom Premier 412 Texecom Premier 816 Texecom Premier 832 Texecom Prestige
    • Tunstall Tunstall CPA6 Tunstall TS2000 
    • Visonic Wireless Powermax Powermax+
    • Wickes Racal Wisdom Wisdom 73130
    • Yale Premium Wireless Alarm HAS 6010 DAS 1100
    • Also, DIY systems including Yale, response and others
    If your existing system is not listed we can most likely still repair/upgrade it. Please check for details.
We can agree a schedule that meets your requirements and budget and ensure the alarm system meets the necessary legal and insurance requirements.

All service contracts have access to our 24 call out facility, should you need any advice or attention to the systems we are just a phone call away. Our aim is to be on site within 4 hours of receiving a call out.

All our alarm engineers are fully qualified to the latest standards and they are also trained to take pride in the job they do and always put the client first.
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